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Debate May 31,2016

Legendary Harvard Business School marketing professor Theodore Levitt once said, “People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” Similarly, business managers don’t want to simply rent work uniforms for their employees, they want to benefit from the many image enhancing results a managed workwear program can produce.

Foremost among those results is the ability to project a professional image and effectively promote a company brand, says Adam Soreff, Director of Marketing at UniFirst, a leading provider of uniforms and workwear to businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“A few years back, a national survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates for the textile service industry found that customers are more inclined to do business with employees who wear uniforms because they stood out as professionals and were seen as being more competent and knowledgeable. Those survey results hold true today and can translate into real bottom line benefits for t…

Technical Quiz May 30, 2016

1. Which of these class is superclass of String and StringBuffer class?
a) java.util
b) java.lang
c) ArrayList
d) None of the mentioned

Answer: b

2. What type of media might contain a hotspot?

AInteractive video
BMP3 file
CStreaming media
DAnimated gif

Answer :- Interactive video

3. Which day is celebrated as world Computer Literacy Day?
A. December 2
B. November 2
c. September 2
D. October 2

Ans : December 2

4. Which of the following condition is used to transmit two packets over a medium at the same time?


Answer: Collision

5.Format flags may be combined using

A. the bitwise OR operator (|)
B. the logical OR operator (||)
C. the bitwise AND operator (&)
D. the logical AND operator (&&)

Answer: the bitwise OR operator (|)

6.The unit of speed used for super computer is

D. None of these

Answer:- GELOPS

7. Whose trademark is the operating system UNIX?

A. Motorola
B. Microsoft
C. BELL Laborato…

Award ceremony of May 2016

Online Quiz competition May 27, 2016

Winner is Ishita paliwal with 100% marks (30/30)

For Paper click here

Game Blind man's buff May 25-26, 2016

Debate May 24, 2016

Topic : Should attendance be made compulsory in Engineering colleges?
College Attendance Policies
Most colleges expect students to attend all of their classes. After all, what would be the point in enrolling students to get an education and then figuring they didn't need to actually show up? Specific attendance policies can vary from one college to another or even from one class to another. For example, at Siena College each professor creates his or her own policy. Some colleges might consider missing class to play in a sports game, take part in an academic competition or go on a field trip an official excuse and could therefore be more accepting of the reason. Professors might also be more understanding of absence due to illness and many of the decisions on what kinds of absences and how many are acceptable could be completely up to their discretion.

The Responsibility of Students
There are many reasons why students might miss class, ranging from flaky reasons like they overslept…

Technical Quiz May 23, 2016

1) What does XML stand for?
a) excellent markup language
b) extensive markup language
c) easy markup language
d) extensible markup language

Answer: b

2) Which company made the first commercial portable cell phone in 1983?
a) Nokia
b) Att
c) Motorola
d) Samsung

Answer:  c

3) What is the most popular wired network topology?
A. Bus
B. Star
C. Mesh
D. Ring

Answer: B

4) The internal impedence of an ideal current source is
A. Zero
B. Low
C. High
D. Infinity

Answer: A

5) Which company created the most used networking software in the 1980's

A. Microsoft
B. Sun
D. Novell

Answer: D
Novell (based in Provo, UT) created NetWare which is still one of the most used PC networking systems in the world.

6) Which of the following films has won 9 Oscar Awards in 1987?
A. The World Safari
B. The Last Emperor
C. Rain Man
D. Amadeus

Answer: B

7) Manav Seva Award has been instituted in the memory of
A. Rajiv Gandhi
B. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
C. Indira Gandhi
D. Acharya

Answer: A

8) 'Natya - Shast…

Quiz question from today Newspaper May 20, 2016

Activity Name - Beet the Knowledge
Duration - 15 minuts
Learning Objective - To Sharing knowledge about daily News/Current affairs and make a good habit of reading news paper daily.
Short Description - All have to read news paper (Select any one). This activity based on it. Every one have to read all headlines with some related details. Now , Everyone will be having 2 tokens and each will randomly ask one question to any one from the news paper. If he/she will give the correct answer he/she will get one token and other will loss one token. Finaly the person who will get highest count of tokens, he/she will be the winner.

Note : Be Prepare with your question and answers as well.

Question List with answer

Bhavi Sharma : What is the prize of News Paper (Rajasthan Patrika )?
Ishita Paliwal : Rs 2.5.
Bhavi Sharma :  Rs 4

Taruna : Rajasthan Patrika has started a 'Sharm daan abhiyaan' last day. what was the name ?
Ankur Sharma : I don't know.
Taruna : 'Amratam-Jalam'.

Yogesh Gupta :…