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Debate September 27, 2016

Topic : Clean India - Just a movement or changing attitudes of people

Prime Minister Modi has laid a lot of emphasis on cleanliness. In this direction, he launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This movement envisages a clean India through participation of every Indian. A lot of suspicion prevails over the success of this campaign, as many are arguing that until the attitude and mentality of people changes no campaign can clean India. So, should government have launched a mass awareness mission to change the mentality prior to Swach Bharat Abhiyan?

There will be no expected participation unless people’s attitude towards cleanliness and its importance changes. Indians generally cares very less about hygiene. Most of them even spit where ever they want, as they are unaware of the health implications. Their habit will not change unless they are aware.Workers indulge in cleaning jobs hardly gets any respect within the society. Most of them are from Scheduled casts. Unless the mentality to…

Show Your Talent 24 September 2016

Fun Commando 23 September, 2016

Salesforce Again 21 September, 2016

1) It is possible for a user to own a record and not see it.
Answer: a

2) Which one is not a valid type of sharing rule?
a)Case Sharing Rules
b)Lead Sharing Rules
c)Solution Sharing Rules
d)Campaign Sharing Rules
e)Custom Object Sharing Rules
Answer: c

3) What are the limitations for encrypted fields? (Multi Select)
A.        Cannot be unique
B.         Cannot be longer than 16 characters
C.         Cannot be an external ID
D.        Cannot have a default value
E.         None of these
Answer: a , c, d

4) What is the maximum number of records to be printed in the printable view of a list view?
A.         2000
B.          100
C.          1000
D.         200
Answer: c

5) Which field type can be used as an external ID? (Multi Select)
A.        Text field-----
B.         Email field-----
C.         URL field
D.        Number field-----
E.         Formula field
Answer: a, b, d

6) Which of the following is not a valid business process in
A.        Sales Processes
B.         Market…

Word Search Quiz 19 September, 2016

August Award ceremony September 3, 2016

Simplyforce ke fire brigrade hai, ho jate hai har problem par haavi Great hai teacher ,very hard working, dete hi due hamein hone ki yashaswi Helipng nature ,very creative, bade dilwale ki hai jinki chavi, Hamare sweet & simply, sabki care karne vale,one and only sir RaviNahi hai esa koi kaam adhura,karne ko jisko inhone thani, Dil khai soft har kaam mein hai toofani Rules & regulations follow karna jinse sikha, Technology sikhane mein nahi hain unka koi saani Never ever give up, jinki hai kahani, Yeh hai hamare sir,sir,sir,sir BhawaniJinko hai a-z technology ka gyan,face par rahti hai jinke har pal muskan, Jinke pass hai sabke solution,chahe muskil ho kitna bhi kaam, Jinki bus existense se hi ho jati sari problem gumnam, Isliye hai sab kahte hai,Jayvardhan matlab success ka dusra nameRahte hai cool,deadline hai unki pahchan,karte hai kaam se preet, Talent & hard working se diya hai jinhone simplyforce ka dil jeet, Hamesha dil mein rahte…