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Debate on Studying grammar is more important than practising conversation skills. July 12, 2016

Favor :

Grammar is important than the communication skills because it is the language that makes it possible for us to talk about language. by Grammar you are write names the different of words, and you make sentences, so you can use your grammar skills when you are want communicate, if you Know grammar, your speech will be very obvious, and you will follow by the structure. We all know how to build a sentence, but we do not know how to build a beauty sentence so for this we need to learn by grammar. And knowing about grammar offers a window into the human mind and into our amazingly complex mental capacity.

while someone practice grammar become more friendly & he make the maximum output of it. But on conversation he/she may do face some current situation and that time also he/she may not perform perfectly as required.

Grammar skilled guy can go anywhere means any type communication - oral or written , face to face or behind, man to man or in a group, personal or corporate whereve…

Debate - Beauty contests degrade womanhood

As the name suggests "Beauty contests". Beauty contests are not just a platform to showcase the beauty of the body. Indeed, it's a platform to display the beauty of one's soul and heart. A heart of selfless mind, a heart for the religion of humanity. If it is the real definition of beauty in my eyes. How can it degrade womanhood? where we see the beauty of a woman in every aspect: as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, as a sister or as a friend. In the definition of god, women are the one of the most beautiful creation. It's the viewpoints and thoughts of the society which needs to change with respect to the beauty contests. Society should encourage women to be a part of it as its made with a whole and sole ideology to build confidence and to make them bold and beautiful. As we know that "with great powers come great responsibility ". So, it's a responsibility of the people working under the beauty contests not to misuse powers in their hands and n…